Clearstream Solutions Environmental Policy Statement

As an Environmental Consultancy business it is a key principle of ours to help our clients to develop and implement best practice Climate Change strategies.

Clearstream Solutions will measure its GHG emissions impact on the environment and set targets for emissions reduction.


Clearstream Solutions will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.


Clearstream Solutions will implement a training program for its staff to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance.


Clearstream staff members will endeavour first to minimise our need for transport and where possible to use the lowest carbon emission transport options including public transport, bike to work and carpooling schemes.


Clearstream Solutions will seek to minimise our use of materials and where possible will only use recycled and recyclable materials from renewable sources e.g. FSC, PEFC.


Clearstream will adhere to its green procurement principles and best practice tips in green supply chain.


It is our intention when running training and events to work towards compliance to BS 8901:2009 Sustainable Event Management and to partner with venues and service providers who demonstrate clear climate change initiatives.


Clearstream will endeavour to minimise waste generated and will segregate and return waste for recycling where possible.

Signed by Brian O’Kennedy, Company Director