What is GDPR ?

Has your organisation’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) fully validated your compliance to GDPR? Are you aware that if your organisation or a third party does not adhere to GDPR regulations your organisation is liable? Is your organisations properly identifying, tracking and protecting their EU customers for data controllers and data processors?

What we do

Data security has become one of the most talked about and material corporate issues in recent years with third parties being found responsible for data or information breaches in the majority of cases. In addition to the significant impact that the reputational damage leaks can have on a business, under the regulation fines for non-compliance, even those resulting from a third-party, can total up to 4% of annual company revenue, or €20 million, whichever is higher.

GDPR should be taken seriously and regulations should be addressed and followed before it can lead to damage to your organisation. Clearstream Solutions, in collaboration with Verego, has launched an online platform to address Supplier GDPR Risk and Management.

GDPR Third Party Risk Assessment Online Platform

How we can help you

  • Developed a cost effective assessment process tool in partnership with Verego
  • Allow your organisation to collect data from suppliers in a controlled fashion
  • Provide a proof of record
  • Assess and Profile supplier risk and validate their adherence to GDPR if necessary
  • A third party auditor can verify a suppliers process
  • Global solution delivered by a cloud based platform
  • Effective for both small or large number of suppliers