TESC Supplier Portal

Tool for Engaging in Supplier Compliance

What is TESC ?

How do you currently manage your key suppliers ESG data ? Do you have a transparent supply chain ? Can you grade your suppliers easily? Are you aware of what your suppliers obligations are in all the countries that you operate ?

TESC Supplier Portal enables transparency and collaboration across supply base on environmental, social and economic aspects:

  • Measuring and grading supplier performance
  • Document management
  • Issuing supplier questionnaires 
  • Supply Chain Insight and Transparency
  • Audit
  • Sustainability Forum

What we do

SupplierPortal is a flexible web-based platform for sharing information between Buyers and Suppliers. It ensures that compliance and risk can be managed automatically through a suite of analysis tools, dashboards, and notifications. Clearstream can deploy this solution as a managed service. We ensure that your key suppliers are meeting their requirements. We provide you with access to the relevant dashboards and provide regular reporting on the status of your suppliers.

How we can help you 

Goodbody Clearstream provides a range of services covering both Public and Private sector offering best in class solutions:

  • Clearstream provide a managed service.
  • User friendly database of supplier information.
  • Collect supplier compliance information relevant to your organisation.
  • Proprietary questionnaires can be added to ensure all your business requirements are met.
  • Flexible supplier compliance dashboards.
  • Audit functionality.
  • Suppliers can upload supporting documentation.
  • Automated email notifications for Suppliers and Buyers.
  • Secure link between Buyers and Suppliers.
  • Search across all Suppliers by geography, key words, category etc.