About Us

Who we are

Clearstream Solutions provides sustainability and carbon management services. We assist organisations to measure and implement best-in-class environmental and sustainable practice in their businesses, products and supply chains. We deliver tangible, measurable savings for our clients who include some of the leading technology, corporate and public sector organisations in Ireland and around the world.

What we do


Clearstream Solutions helps you to:

  • Take carbon out of your business through better energy, waste, transport and material usage
  • Ensure your end to end business process is sustainable, robust & agile, and meets best-in-class global regulations and legislation
  • Embed processes and practices in your business to demonstrate your leadership in the industry
  • Identify and manage the climate risks and opportunities faced by your business

Why you might need us:

  1. Protection: Compliance to international standards. Clearstream Solutions will ensure your Supply Chain is not exposing you to unnecessary risk or cost.
  2. Profit: Cost Elimination through greener value chains. Clearstream Solutions will help to remove waste, materials, energy and transport cost, delivering measureable profit.
  3. Public image: Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG reporting. Your company is more attractive to customers, suppliers and investors with clear EMS goals and Sustainable products.
  4. Planet: Climate change will affect us all. Protecting Gaia is to all our benefit.