Packaging Environmental Assessment Tool

What is PEAT ?

How are you currently packaging your products? Are you taking into consideration the environmental impact of your packaging materials? Is each aspect of your packaging process supply chain environmentally sound and conscious? Are you resourcing efficiently? Actively growing and developing your brand and sales?

PEAT, Packaging Environmental Assessment Tool, is an online tool that can help companies measure and report on the environmental performance of packaging, while in compliance with international standards.

The environmental impact of products and packing is under increasing scrutiny. The growing interest from the government, retailers and customers is forcing companies to consider how environmentally appropriate and green their products and packaging are. Companies are also being asked their footprint, not only for their operations, but also to measure the footprint and its potential impact on their products and packaging. Packaging provides product protections, preservations and presentation, but will usually be discarded as landfill waste.

We are here to reduce your companies carbon footprint and help improve sustainability, efficiency and your overall environmental impact.

What we do?

PEAT assessments help identify areas where improvement can be gained and cost saving made in packaging. We help companies better understand and track environmental impacts of products, materials and packaging from design to end of life. PEAT helps strengthen supplier and customer relationships and win more business from sustainability focused customers.

The impacts measure by PEAT include carbon, water, recyclability, recycled content, volumetrics, toxicity and a range of other cycle impacts. We have the expertise to help your company,  and using PEAT, provide an external validation in line with global best practice sustainable packaging.

How we can help you

Goodbody Clearstream provides a range of services and knowledge to benefit your company to the best to our ability:

  • Online tool used to measure and report the environmental impact of packaging
  • Data sets are sourced from the most up to date global best practice resources, and are regularly updated and verified
  • Measure the impact from materials used,as well as transport, storage, distribution and end of life process
  • Comparisons of older and new versions can be made, compare up to 6 design templates or compare your product to competitors
  • Provide a set of metrics and reports for internal and external use and presentation
  • Support and training is provided to help companies understand the principles, goals, and aims of the tool.