Responsible Resourcing and Supply Chain

Reduce Costs and Eliminate Risk

What is Supply Chain?

A supply chain is a system of organisations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. You already have systems and processes in place, but are you managing your supply chain correctly ? Can you answer questions about who supplies your suppliers ? Are your suppliers compliant with legislation in every country you operate in ? Do you have any green procurement policies ?

What we do

Goodbody Clearstream advises clients on how to manage their supply chain from a sustainability perspective. We combine software and industry standards to ensure you can control the required information from your suppliers and to satisfy the requirements and legislation in all the countries that you operate in.

How we can help you

Goodbody Clearstream provides a range of programs covering both Public and Private sector offering best in class solutions:

  • Key elements Green Public Procurement
  • Packaging Assessments (Packaging Environmental Assessment Tool – PEAT)
  • Life Cycle analysis
  • End of life Inventory Management
  • EU Directives and Guidelines
  • Carbon Assessments and Footprinting
  • Sustainability and Recycling
  • Green vendor selection
  • Understanding Accreditations and Certifications
  • GDPR Supplier Assessments