Effective management of GHG

Reduce costs and comply with existing and future legislation.

What is Carbon Management ?

Every organisation needs to manage and control their GHG emissions. We help companies to measure, manage and report their carbon emissions. You may have a carbon footprint, but is it aligned to a global standard such as ISO 14064-1? Are you getting independent 3rd party verification of your emissions? Are you reporting and communicating these emissions correctly to the CDP or other groups of interest. Do you have a medium or long term strategy to do this in an efficient manner?

Goodbody Clearstream works with many large and small organisations to deliver a climate change strategy that suits your needs. We provide the services required to ensure you are reducing cost and tackling resource management in the correct way, and not leaving your organisation exposed to future issues.

What we do 

Goodbody Clearstream specialises in measuring and reporting Organisational and Product GHG Carbon Emissions to the ISO 14064 standard. Carbon assessment, reduction and reporting are increasingly important for all organisations. In some countries including the UK, many companies have a legal obligation to report their emissions.

The Carbon Footprint is a key tool in and ESG framework and the methodology should be aligned to a global standard such the ISO 14064 GHG standard and the WBCSD/WRI GHG protocol for corporate accounting. The ISO GHG framework is an internationally recognized framework that produces and independently verified carbon footprint. Goodbody Clearstream is Ireland’s leading sustainability company and one of the only consultancies with staff specifically trained in the ISO 14064 Carbon Measurement and Management Standard.

Goodbody Clearstream offers a software based organisational and supply chain carbon auditing model. We can calculate the carbon footprint of your business, your supply chain and your products, enabling companies to identify carbon ‘hotspots’ and remove unnecessary cost in your business. In addition,  we can manage the reporting of your carbon emissions to investors, management and staff and to external reporting platforms such as CDP.


To watch our latest carbon management training videos, check out our Youtube channel at this link.

How we can help you

Goodbody Clearstream provides a range of programs covering both Public and Private sector offering best in class solutions:

  • Develop a robust GHG management plan
  • Calculate your carbon footprint to ISO 14064 – 1 Standard.
  • Verify your organisational carbon emissions to ISO 14064-3 Standard
  • Complete your CDP annual Climate change or Supply Chain Response
  • Manage the reporting of your emissions to key stakeholders
  • Provide carbon management software and tools
  • EPD’s and Life Cycle Assessments