Managed Software Solution

Reduce costs and enable to be compliant with existing and future legislation.

What does our software do ?

Why do you need consultants when you can have software ? Who is going to manage the software ? Can somebody get me up and running and then I can manage everything myself ?

We cannot operate efficiently without software to manage the sustainability of our business. However, companies are increasingly cautious about taking on new systems, as they need training and management. We also know that it’s the people and systems that get the results not the software.

What we do

Goodbody Clearstream has some very clever software solutions that we manage on behalf of our clients, think of it as a software as a service. We take all the pain out of the set up and management of the system, and all you need to do is read the reports and dashboards. Does that mean that you are stuck with us forever ? Definitely not. We can transition over the management of the software and systems to you directly, when you feel you can manage it.

How we can help you 

Goodbody Clearstream provides a range of managed software solutions covering both Public and Private sector offering best in class solutions:

  • Manage the sustainability of your Supply Chain
  • Assess supplier readiness for GDPR and IT security regulations
  • Manage the sustainability of your investment portfolio
  • Evaluate the sustainability of your packaging
  • Carbon foot printing software and analysis.