Enterprise Programme Supports

Supporting the LEO Green for Micro and EI Climate Action Voucher Programmes

Goodbody Clearstream is proud to support the Local Enterprise Office ‘Green for Micro’ and Enterprise Ireland ‘Climate Action Voucher’ programmes. Both of these programmes aim to assist Irish companies in taking steps towards planning for the low carbon, more resource efficient economy of the future.

Whether your company is just starting out on a sustainability journey or has already engaged in a variety of actions, the team at Goodbody Clearstream can assist you in reaching your goals. Topics we can assist with under the two different enterprise programmes are outlined below.

  LEO Green for Micro EI Climate Action Voucher
Environmental Management X  
Carbon Management X X
Life Cycle Assessment X  
Eco-design X  
Circular Economy X X
Sustainability Strategy X X
Green Procurement X  
Sustainable Logistics X  
Sustainable Packaging X  
Sustainable Communications X  
Programme Duration 2 Days (non-consecutive)
Voucher Value €1,800 – free to successful applicants

Why sustainability?

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Balancing environmental, social and economic impacts is central to achieving this. Many companies are now making public sustainability commitments through a range of actions, in response to growing awareness on the negative impacts of modern consumerism. Stakeholders increasingly expect companies to evolve their practices in order to contribute to a more viable future for all. Companies that want to prosper long-term will have little choice but to embrace sustainability, those that act now may gain a competitive edge as industry leaders.

Benefits of running a sustainable business

Companies of any size can benefit from embracing sustainability, these benefits might include:

1.Enhanced brand reputation

  1. Increased resource efficiency / minimised costs
  2. Reduced environmental footprint
  3. Creation of opportunities for higher and additional value products/services
  4. Reduced business risks and increased resilience

How do I get started?

Local Enterprise Office Green for Micro

Businesses with under 10 employees can avail of the LEO Green for Micro programme. For more information, please contact your nearest Local Enterprise Office or visit https://www.localenterprise.ie/green

Enterprise Ireland Climate Action Voucher

The Climate Action Voucher is available to Enterprise Ireland or Údarás na Gaeltachta clients (HPSU, Small, Medium or Large). Organisations wishing to avail of the Climate Action Voucher should contact their Development Adviser or visit https://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/Productivity/Build-a-green-sustainable-Business/Climate-Action-Voucher/

Who are we:

As Ireland’s leading sustainability consultancy, we assist a wide range of clients, including some of the world’s largest organisations, in measuring and implementing best-in-class environmental and sustainable practice.

How we can help:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint through better energy, waste, transport and material usage
  • Ensure your business processes aresustainable, robust, agile and compliant
  • Embedprocesses and practices in your business to demonstrate industry leadership
  • Identify and manage the climate risks and opportunitiesfor your business