Sustainability Reporting

Financial reporting is historical – Sustainable reporting is visionary

What is Sustainability Reporting?

Increasingly, there is pressure on companies to not only engage in CSR activities but to share the plans and achievements with shareholders, customers and investors. It makes good business sense to not be shy about sharing your good deeds and ideas. There are many methods of reporting CSR activities from a paragraph in the Annual report to separate sustainability publications. Integrated reporting combines Financial Reporting and Non – Financial Reporting, presenting a holistic view of the companies health and performance.

What we do 

Clearstream Solutions advises clients on how to develop a credible communications plan on the topics of Sustainability, Carbon Management and Environmental Policy – from the simplest Environmental Policy Statement (EPS) to the most complex and detailed Sustainability and Carbon Emissions reporting.

We work with many sustainability platforms such as GRI and CDP and can provide you with the guidance and structure to assist you with the process, from conducting a Materiality assessment or carbon footprint, right through to communicating your results to key stakeholders.


Sustainability Reporting demystified

For a full overview of sustainability reporting, the latest trends and why your business should be doing it, read our interview with Brian O’Kennedy.

How we can help you

Clearstream Solutions provides a range of programs covering both Public and Private sector offering best in class solutions:

  • Engaging customers and community in your green initiatives
  • Assisting companies in reporting under international schemes such as GRI and CDP
  • Managing internal communication, training and climate change teams
  • Avoid pitfalls and ‘Greenwash’
  • Choosing credible Eco Labels and Certifications