A Client Case Study on Carbon Management Services

By August 27, 2019Case Study

A case study, on how we approached carbon footprinting and greenhouse gas reporting for one of our agri-service provider clients. 

Background & Goals

Investors, regulators and buyers are increasingly focused on the issue of climate change. Being able to measure, reduce and disclose a company’s emissions is an important step as evidence of a commitment to sustainability. The objective was to:

  • Improve GHG emissions data collection, carbon measurement and reporting
  • Report to CDP for the 2019 disclosure cycle and improve their performance score

 Project Scope

  • Develop GHG emissions data capture and reporting plan for their global business
  • Build a data collection framework to collect and validate their Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions.
  • Assist our client in completing their response to CDP
  • Complete a product assessment comparing the environmental impact of our client’s products versus alternative options
  • Develop a supplier Scope 3 data collection programme for emissions from categories such as business travel, waste and water

Project Outcomes

  • Developed a GHG emissions plan with timelines and resources for data collection processes, reporting strategies to groups such as CDP, and stakeholder engagement
  • Developed a spreadsheet-based model for data collection with appropriate factors provided that can be amended by the client going forwarded and aligns with best practice reporting frameworks such as CDP
  • Assisted our client in maximizing scoring potential and submitting a high-quality response to the CDP questionnaire
  • Verified GHG emissions including a verification certificate where evidence was provided
  • Calculated and reported on the carbon, energy, water and other impact from the production of use of our client’s products as compared with alternatives using global best practice databases and methodologies
  • Presented a publishable verified report which can be shared with customers and stakeholders on the relative benefits of our client’s products in environmental terms

Project Impact

  • There is now greater clarity and improved visibility on energy and resource spend across this international business.
  • Greater engagement by internal and external stakeholders on sustainability has driven innovation in our client’s business
  • Our client was able to improve its overall ESG Investor scorecard following an improved CDP score.


For more information on our carbon management services, please contact brian@clearstreamsolutions.ie

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