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By January 18, 2023Blog

Our webinar series aim is to focus on the key topics that are driving value at scale for organisations.  We will share key perspectives and insights and discuss those with key practitioners across business.
The first in our webinar series in on Friday, 27th January: Scaling up the Circular Economy.  Followed by Demystifying Sustainability & ESG Reporting on 24th February and finally, Return on Sustainability Investment on the 31st March.
All webinars are now open for registration and links are available below.  We look forward to seeing you virtually soon.

Scaling up the Circular Economy
27th January 2023 at 12pm

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Circular at scale requires new thinking, new strategies, new tactics, new propositions. Business models and customer-supplier relationships need be reimagined.  Our webinar will focus on developing your ‘circular mindset at scale’. We will hear from circular champions that are embracing the circular economy at scale.  The webinar is ideal for those, across leadership and boards, trying to figure out how to create value in their business through circular thinking. Ensure you design a secure circular value chain to future proof your organisation.  This webinar will be presented by Dr. Declan Bogan, sustHub co-founder and Learning Director at SustHUB and moderated by Brian O’Kennedy, Managing Director @Clearstream Solutions.

Demystifying Sustainability & ESG Reporting
24th February at 12pm

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Are you tasked with managing your way through the ESG and sustainability reporting landscape?  Awash with an alphabet soup of acronyms? Formal external engagement and communications is no longer a nice to have but a must have. CSRD, SFDR, CSDD, TCFD, CDP, GRI…. Do you know what they all are? Are they relevant to you? How to respond?  Are you audit ready?

We plan to demystify some of the new and evolving regulations, disclosure and reporting requirements both here in Europe, the UK and the US.  Hear from those that advise and those that respond. The webinar is ideal for those, across leadership and boards, who wish to build their skills in the practical realities of reporting.

Return on Sustainability Investment
31st March at 12pm

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What is the business case for sustainability?  How do you measure your return on sustainability investment? What are those hard and soft metrics you can use?  Surely it’s just a cost centre – distracting from the real work – delivering on our business value proposition – generating revenues, cutting costs, managing budgets, keeping the lights on?  What sustainability lens might you add? Channel budgets into reimagining and redesigning established processes, legacy products and services, developing initiatives, crafting strategies and bringing new products to market?  What would be the return on sustainability investment?
Let us explore the holistic value that can be created – monetary, human, social, environmental, employer brand, stakeholder value, natural world, professional value.

The webinar is ideal for those, across leadership, looking for and justifying their investment in sustainability – and driving new forms of business value.
Learn about crafting a business case – identifying and justifying the value equation and hear from those that see their return on sustainability investment already paying off.

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